About Jantzen Audio

General information

We are winding our air cored coils from round baked wire, grade 1, with extreme accuracy for ISO manufacturers and high-end world markets, which gives us many advantages compared to winding on plastic bobbins.

Our coils have very tight windings to maintain long-term performance and the special technique developed by our R & D department in Poland, enables us to wind directly on the non-ferrite cores, giving the coils outstanding technical properties.

We are always willing to meet with our customers’ needs and thereby assisting them in the further development of new products to secure their  future success in the audio market.

If you have any enquiries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly or contacting one of our dealers.  All enquiries will be handled promptly.

Established in 1992…

Over the past 25 years we have developed and solidified our own production of high-end quality induction coils and assembly of complete crossover networks, specially engineered for passive loudspeakers.

In the 1990’s we became one of JBL /Harman’s main suppliers of Inductors and accessory parts covering both high-end Audio and Public Audio.

Before JBL /Harman moved to China we managed to deliver 65.000 pcs of complete crossover networks to Harman Comsumer in Ringkoebing, Denmark within a period of 4 months.

We also had a four-year running period, where we supplied Volvo via Harman Becker in Sweden with various Jantzen Audio specially made inductors for the Volvo SE car audio system.

From the time that we started our production in Poland, we have implemented a strict three part quality control system, covering both production, stock management and also packing & shipping

Where we are now

Our coil programme is now second to none and covers a extensive selection of coil types and values.

We now also offer a selection of other high-end crossover components, covering capacitors, super capacitors, resistors and more.

In our product section you will also find many different accessories for loudspeaker construction.

In the DIY speaker kit section, you are able to buy complete loudspeaker kits, designed by the Danish loudspeaker designer Troels Gravesen.