Peerless/Vifa based kits (all)

Troels Gravesen is an independent Danish speaker designer and is not directly affiliated with Jantzen Audio Denmark.
Presented on the Jantzen Audio website, are the speaker kit designs, where Troels has chosen to use Jantzen Audio components for the crossover.
All rights for the designs are the property of Troels Gravesen.

For further information please visit the official Troels Gravesen Website: Click here

Please note!  All kits where Jantzen Audio offers drivers, can be purchased with or without drivers.


Peerless Nomex 164 mkII

– Peerless & ScanSpeak drivers
– 2½-Way Floorstanders

Drivers: HDS164 Nomex 830875 & D2608/913000

Vifa PL14WJ

– Vifa & Scan-Speak Drivers
– 2-way or d’Appolito versions

Drivers: PL14WJ-09-08 & R2604/832000

Vifa PL18WO

– Vifa & Scan-Speak Drivers
– 2-Way floorstander

Drivers: PL18WO-09-08 & R2604/832000