Amber Z-Cap

Pure copper foil capacitor. The most ambitious super high-end Jantzen Audio capacitor to date.

Alumen Z-Cap

Pure aluminum foil capacitor. The newest adition to the Jantzen Audio range of high quality & high performance capacitors.

Silver Z-Cap

Super smooth cap without any harsh additions to the sound.
Absolutely neutral tonal balance.
A truly outstanding audio part.

Superior Z-Cap

Even the finest nuances can be heard.
The sound never gets over-edged.
Superb naturalness with a somewhat bright top-end.

Standard Z-Cap

Fast, smooth, detailed and less grainy compared to similar competitor Caps on the world market.

Cross Cap

Our MKP capacitors, which we call Cross Cap has got the best sonic quality and the best electrical peculiarity.


Wound out of a metallized Polyester film (ZnA1).
Foil sides are covered with a layer of Zinc and then filled up with Polyurethane resin

Premium ELKO – Electrolytic capacitors

Bi-polar Electrolytic Capacitors – Made with smooth foil – Only 5% in capacitance tolerance

Electrolytic Cap

Non-polarized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors