Eekel’s Mini

This project is realised in collaboration with John Eekels, Holland.

John was asking for a substitute for the no longer available SEAS W11CY001 and after some search we decided to give the new SEAS W12CY003 a try. This driver features a classic paper cone with standard coating on the rear and Nextel coating on the front, giving it a nice appearance as can be seen below.

I have previously done a two-way from SEAS CA18RLY+22TAF/G (not published) from which I’ve had some good times, thus the SEAS 22TAF/G tweeter was the one I wanted to try out in this construction. To my ears the 22TAF/G is doing as well as the HIQUPHON OWI, that’s how high I rate it.

*Now also available in a Standard Z-Cap / Superior Z-Cap version*



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Full crossover kit incl. SEAS drivers are available directly from Jantzen Audio.


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