The Loudspeaker II

The speaker kit to end all speaker building…
– if you have the space –
Deep articulate bass from 18″ bass driver, ultra transparent and dynamic midrange from 10″ midrange driver, treble range as transparent and smooth as can be from state of the art compression drivers.

Please visit Mr. Gravesen’s website for full overview of the drivers for this construction.

Kindly note that as an option, you can add in the 4 pcs. ø100 mm straight port pipes to the DIY kit, if you wish (index 051-0038).

Kit level capacitor overview:

Level 1: Amber Z for horn & super tweeter – Alumen Z for mid-range

Level 2: Amber Z for horn – Alumen Z for super tweeter – Superior Z for mid-range

Level 3: Alumen Z for horn & super tweeter – Superior Z for mid-range

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