The Loudspeaker

The speaker kit to end all speaker building…
– if you have the space –
Deep articulate bass from 18″ bass driver, ultra transparent and dynamic midrange from 10″ midrange driver, treble range as transparent and smooth as can be from state of the art compression drivers.

Tweeter: Viawave Audio GRT-145* or Fostex FT96H
Horn: 18 Sound XT1086

Compression driver: 18 Sound NDS1095N – 8 ohm
Midrange: 18 Sound 10NMBA520 – 8 ohm
Woofer: BMS 18N862 – 8 ohm
Hypex: PSC2.400d

*Viawave GRT-145 tweeters can be included in the DIY kit from Jantzen Audio

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