JBL L100

The DIY kit only works for the 4310 and 4311 models.
The kit is not compatible with the 4311B and 4311A models.

The James B. Lansing L100 Century loudspeaker, the consumer version of the 4310 (LE20 tweeters), later the 4311 (LE25&LE26 tweeters) studio monitor, became the largest selling loudspeaker model of any company in the Seventies and more than 125,000 pairs were sold. By the end of the decade, recording studios in the United States used more of JBL’s monitors than all other brands’ monitors combined. Due to the materials used, the L100 drivers are as good today as when they were produced, but the overall sound can be vastly improved by modern crossover technology. 

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4310 – LE20 tweeters

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4311 – LE25 & LE26 tweeters

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