Manufacturer of high-end crossover components for passive loudspeakers.

We offer the broadest selection of coils for passive loudspeakers on the market.

You will also find a selection of both budget and high-end capacitors, along with resistors and other audio accessories for loudspeaker construction on our site.

In the ‘DIY Speaker Kits’ section, we sell complete loudspeaker kits, designed by independent Danish loudspeaker designer Troels Gravesen.

The complete DIY kits are sold directly to DIY consumers.
Please note:

We do not sell piece-by-piece components directly to DIY consumers, but kindly refer consumers to contact one of our authorized dealers.

OEM customers are serviced both directly or via our authorized dealers, determined on a case by case basis.


For all kits with SEAS drivers, we offer complete kits including SEAS drivers, available directly from Jantzen Audio.

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On selected kits using ScanSpeak drivers, we have entered into a unique Danish joint-venture between ScanSpeak, Troels Gravesen and Jantzen Audio, to offer complete kits including ScanSpeak drivers, available directly through Jantzen Audio.