Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of crossover components for loudspeakers and as a distributor of other audio related products, we are in contact with many kinds of materials; like metals, plastics and other materials that can potentially be harmful to the environment, if handled carelessly.

With this in mind we acknowledge that as a manufacturer and distributor, it is our duty to have as little as possible of a negative impact on our environment.

At Jantzen Audio, we believe that the earth’s environment is worth protecting, so we have committed ourselves to manufacture our products as environmentally friendly as we possibly can.

We follow the RoHS/RoHS 2/ RoHS3 /REACH directives and we also do whatever we can to recycle materials whenever possible and discard unrecyclable materials in a responsible way.

We also gather satisfactory certification from our sub-suppliers to make sure they follow the above mentioned directives.

For further information, please download our RoHS/RoHS 2/REACH compliancy statement:

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