C-Coil – Toroidal Core

c-coil-450 (1)Please note!

The C-Coil is not recommended for any other use than on crossovers for passive loudspeakers.

This is due the the toroidal core’s strong output of electromagnetism.

These coils are not suitable for installation in amplifiers or active systems.

We do not recommend use of C-Coils on crossovers with an XO point above 1.20 kHz.

The C-Coil is wound around a toroidal sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated.

If the stated maximum wattage is not exceeded the core will never saturate.

The C-Coil is designed for the bass section of crossovers and for passive Sub-Woofers.

Technical information:

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List of C-Coil values:

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Information about copper wire, copper foil and cores/discs:

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