We are always willing to meet with our customers’ needs and thereby assisting them in the further development of new products to secure their future success in the audio market.

Please contact us, if you do not find the desired coil value in the lists.
We can make any values, only limited by what is physically possible to produce.

Wax Coil

This product has been revived through cooperation with our audio partners.
Each coil is impregnated with a polymolecular paraffin Wax, making the coil hard as a rock!

Cross Coil

The Cross Coil has been developed in cooperation with Audio Technology, Denmark, producing high-end drivers for the world market.

Litz Wire Wax Coil

The Litz Wire Wax Coil is the latest addition to the portofolio of high quality Jantzen inductors.
The product was developed to customer demand and was received with very positive feedback, when the first samples were sent to clients.

C-Coil – Toroidal Core

C-Coil is wound around a sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated.

Air Core Wire Coil

High-purity copper wire baked in perfect shape to create a distortion-free inductor, for all audio applications.

Iron Core Coil

High-purity copper wire wound around a Permite core, for a high inductance at the lowest cost.

Iron Core Coil + Discs

High-purity copper wire wound around a Permite core (or core + discs), for a high inductance at the lowest cost.