Alumen Z-Cap

Alumen Z-Caps are non-polarized capacitors.
Signal pathing can be done in both directions, with no change to sound or performance.

Most tube/power amplifiers are delivered with either standard type MKP (PP foil) capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. For upgrading the coupling capacitors in amplifiers, we highly recommend choosing our Superior, Silver, SilverGold or Alumen Z-Caps.

Be mindful when using Alumen Z-Caps for amplifier application. They have a voltage rating of 100 VDC and can only be used as coupling capacitors in transistor amps, where the voltage rating is sufficient.

 The Alumen Z-Cap was especially designed for the tweeter and mid-section of crossovers for passive hi-fi speakers.

The improved transparency performance of this new cap is on the same high level as our SilverGold Z-Cap, but with a slightly softer tonal presence and less  brightness / sheene / glare in comparison.

The Alumen Z-Cap will offer a more “neutral” presentation in the overall sound in certain crossover designs, and by “neutral” we refer to the focus will be shifted from what can be a somewhat overemphasized brightness from a Super PP cap, being replaced with a more even balance between the depth of the midrange and the presence of the tweeter.

Technial information, values and sizing:

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