Standard Z-Cap


Standard Z-Caps are non-polarized capacitors.
Signal pathing can be done in both directions, with no change to sound or performance.

Standard Z-Caps can be used as power supply capacitors in tube amplifiers. For upgrading coupling capacitors in amplifiers, we recommend our Superior, Silver or SilverGold Z-Caps.

The Standard Z-Caps are fast, smooth, detailed and less grainy compared to similar competitor Caps on the world market.

What sets our Standard Z-Caps aside from our own Cross Caps and other single foil PP caps on the market, is the higher quality German made metallized PP foil and the PCOCC lead-wires.

All Jantzen Audio Z-Caps are nitrogen filled, which means that you get more foil per capacitor and no risk of the evaporation that can occur in oil/dielectric fluid filled capacitors.

Technical information, values and sizing:

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