Superior Z-Cap


Superior Z-Caps are non-polarized capacitors.
Signal pathing can be done in both directions, with no change to sound or performance.

Most amplifiers are delivered with either standard type MKP (PP foil) capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. For upgrading the coupling capacitors in amplifiers, we highly recommend choosing our Superior, Silver, SilverGold or Alumen Z-Caps.

With the Superior Z-Cap even the finest nuances can be heard. The sound never gets over-edged, really superb naturalness with a somewhat bright top-end.

Highly recommended for use as a high-end tweeter capacitor or as a coupling cap in an amplifier.

All Jantzen Audio Z-Caps are nitrogen filled, which means that you get more foil per capacitor and no risk of the evaporation that can occur in oil/dielectric fluid filled capacitors.

Technical information, values and sizing:

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